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Jun 7, 2008
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Hey everyone!
I am working on a study for a research on the Apple iPhone. If you do own one, please complete the following forms. I would really appreciate that!
Thank you. :D

Informed Consent:
Understanding Brand Loyalty in Consumer Behavior for New Balance Shoes wear and Apple iPhone Study

Principle Investigator: Han N. Pham

Advisors: Teri Fair, Ph.D.

Elizabeth J. Wilson, Ph.D.

Study Personnel: Han Pham
Teri Fair, Ph.D.
Elizabeth J. Wilson, Ph.D.

Why is this study being done?

The purpose of this study is to help us understand the brand loyalty in consumer behavior for New Balance shoes wear and the Apple IPHONE.

How may people will be in this study?

We expect to have about 40 participants in this study.

How long will the study take?

The maximum involvement time for this study will approximately be five minutes which include a brief about the research as well as taking a survey.

Can I stop being in the study?

This study is all voluntary. You may stop any time you prefer.

What risks are associated with the study?

There will be no risks when you participate in this study.

Will the information I provide be kept confidential?

When taking the survey, everything will be anonymous. Aside from demographic questions, nothing personal will be asked.

What are my rights if I choose to take part in this study?

You have an unlimited amount of rights if you choose to take part in this study. You may choose whether to be part of the study or not. You may leave any time you prefer. Aside from giving honest answers to the questionnaires, everything is voluntary.

Who can answer my questions about this study?

If there are questions concerning this survey, feel free to contact the principle investigator, Han Pham, with any questions you may have at 617-331-7354. You may also contact Teri Fair at 617-573-8569 or Elizabeth Wilson at 617-994-4248 for any further questions.

If you have any concerns or complaints abut this study, or your treatment as a participant, please contact the Suffolk University IRB Human Rights Officer, Dr. Harvey Katz at 617-573-8294.

If you have read this form completely and agree with the terms, please sign below. By signing, you also are affirming that you are at least 18 years of age and able to sign a legal document without a guardian.

_______________________________________ ______________
Participant Date

_______________________________________ ______________
Study Personnel Taking Consent Date

Apple iPhone Customer Satisfaction
Survey Questionnaire

1. How did you hear about the Apple iPhone?

o Internet
o Magazines
o Television Commercials
o Word-of-Mouth

2. How long have you had the iPhone?

o Under 6 months
o 7-12 months
o 1-2 year
o 24 months +

3. Which phone service provider do you use?

o AT&T
o Verizon
o T-Mobile
o Sprint

4. Which feature most satisfied you?

o Touch-Screen
o Internet
o iPod use
o Phone

5. Were you satisfied with the market price during purchase?

a. Yes
b. No

6. How would you describe the quality of the iPhone?

7. What other Apple products do you own?

o Mac
o iPod (nano, shuffle, classic, video)

o Camera
o Accessories

8. Do you consider yourself an Apple fan? If so, are you brand loyal to this product that you must purchase and own all its brand products?

o Yes: very loyal
o Yes: not loyal
o No: not loyal

9. How would you describe your experience with Apple?

10. What is your age group?

o 18-30
o 31-43
o 44-56
o 57+

11. What is your marital status?

a. Single
b. Married
c. Divorce

12. What is your employment status?

a. Student
b. Employed
c. Unemployed
d. Other

13. What is your level of income?

a. Under $20,000
b. $21,000-$30,000
c. $31,000-$40,000
d. $41,000+

14. What is your gender?

o Male
o Female

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