iPhone stuck on Emergency Call Screen


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Feb 4, 2010
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So earlier today, I was using my phone and in the middle of the conversation my phone hangs up and I have absolutely no bars, and then it says "No Service". A few seconds later, it says I must connect to iTunes and restore my phone. Mind you, my iPhone 3GS is jailbroken with 3.1.2.

I rebooted my phone and then it took me to the emergency call screen. I then connected it to the MacBook and it said "iTunes cannot activate your iPhone because the SIM card is not inserted or a SIM PIN is required". So I put it into DFU mode to restore, and I press restore, and it downloads the 3.1.3 and in extracting the package, says something about Error Code 23. My question is, WTH HAPPENED?! I'm at my wits end on restoring it. I checked the Apple Support Site and said that Error 23 is most likely hardware in which case, am I screwed for not being able to restore my iPhone 3GS to normal and bring to AT&T/Apple?

I've put it into DFU mode numerous times to try and restore but constantly get the same error 23 message. I've also tried restarting my computer, switching USB ports, cables, etc. And I've tried restoring to 3.1.2 but it said iTunes would not allow it. I updated to iTunes 9.0.3 last night, could that be an impending factor? Any help would be appreciated. THANKS!


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Apr 28, 2009
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I'm thinking AT&T did some kind of upgrade to its services that day. My iPhone also suddenly went into No Service. No amount of Airplane mode on/off would help. I'm on a tethered j/b, so I simply reset by using Blackra1n, and everything came up just fine.

Somewhere, there is a great thread with all the answers to the various error messages, and how to get around them, if you'll do a search.

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