iphone sim card in a windows mobile phone?


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Jul 24, 2009
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After my son used my upgrade for the 3gs, I started playing with his 3g mostly using wifi to see if I could get used to the virtual keyboard.

I was able to put my sim card (from a windows mobile phone) into my son's iphone 3g and make calls and do text messaging. Even though I have a $30 data plan, I could not get to the internet, etc., and I got a message telling me I needed a data plan for the iphone. My guess, is that the network is somehow sensing the iphone and requiring a pure iphone data plan.

Here's the question. Can you take an iphone sim card and put it into a windows mobile phone and use the data plan?
Has anyone tried it?

Before I accidentally left the 3g phone in the back pocket of an airplane seat, I was actually getting used to the phone and was somewhat able to use the keyboard effectively which I didn't think I would be able to do being a long time blackberry user that now uses a windows mobile touchscreen phone with a actual keyboard similar to a Curve or Bold. I was even able to type some with one hand which I easily do on my other phone.

Am considering getting a 3gs but I won't give up my windows mobile phone. If I can put the iphone sim card into my other phone and still do all my usual stuff on the windows mobile phone I will probably get a 3gs.

Thanks, John


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Mar 27, 2005
Yes, your sim will work in a WM device but you have to be on an iPhone plan. Your voicemail will be a little messed up because of visual voicemail but other than that you will be ok.


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Oct 14, 2008
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I use the sim from my tytn2 in In my iPhone 3GS. Plan is $45. Business with 6gig data and iPhone value PAC. When not using the iPhone, I have to call in for voice mail. My wife's 3G only has the $45.00
mega plan so she can have data. I was told by Rogers that I could use my sim in any phone I wanted. The Special BB and iPhone plans might be more restricted.