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Iphone Signal Problem?


New member
Oct 10, 2014
My iphone 4 has full signal but can not connect the network! i can not sent or receive the short message , can not receive or make calls ,can not connect internet? it happens recently. I need to restore the phone, and connect the network again!
Is it iphone 4 's problem or carrier's problem?

Anybody can help me solve this problem?
my carrier is optus

iphone 4, iOS 4

Thank You


Active member
Dec 26, 2012
You may have already tried. If not, powering down the iPhone and waiting for a minute or so, and then powering up might help. Before restoring the phone fully, you could try to restore just the Network Setttings, but before doing that I'd try to see if Optus is having temporary problems. Given the age of your phone, perhaps the SIM card is having problem. Optus may be able to help with that as well.