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Mar 13, 2005
I promised a review, so here it goes. I'd love to hear yours as well.




I will try and touch on everything the phone has, then comment on what I wish it had.

My first impression was very very high. Absolutely beautiful devices. To say the least! When I first held it I thought it was a little TOO thin, and didn't feel like a comfortable grip. But I got used to it quickly. All of the bad things that you can think of to say about the phone, none are outside thats for sure.

Initial sync was so easy it was a joke. I first synced my wm phone w/outlook, the the iPhone. Quick and easy, as was activation. I was already w/AT&T so activation issues were not a factor for me. Same goes for my whole setup. Voicemail, email, and preferences were all quick and easy to set up.

Call quality is as good as any phone I have had before. No dropped calls yet, only missed one call because I was downloading an email, volume isn't as loud as other phones I've had but I hear callers fine. If I had the ability I would put it louder sometimes, especially outdoors. Looking up contacts is much quicker than I expected, thanks to the alphabet on the right side of the screen. Visual voicemail is cool too, and I prefer it over conventional voicemail. I like the email program a lot, even better than wm6 outlook, mostly because of the UI. The threaded SMS is good, but nothing special IMO. Considering the phone does not have MMS, I can't give them any credit here. Major oversight IMO, and I hardly use my phone as a camera.

The media portion (ipod, video, youtube) is also second-to-none. When you combine the screen size w/its resolution, it is very reminiscent of a psp screen. Best comparison I can give. Even over EDGE youtube is watchable, which came as a surprise. I was at a bbq yesterday, someone brought up the Simpsons movie because they saw the trailer at the Transformers showing. I looked it up and we watched it on the spot. No wifi, and it took a little over a minute (approx) to download enough of it to start streaming.

I'm not much of a calendar guy, so nothing much to say. It works... :)

Camera is also better than expected. It took great pictures outdoors, which surprised me, but certain lighting conditions were impossible to capture. No different than other non-flash camera phones. That being said, when lighting conditions were good the pics were very good. I will try and post a sample later and add the link here.

With of without flash, Safari is BY FAR the best mobile browser I have ever seen. And I've seen them all! I can't say enough about it. The more you use it the more you love it. And those initial reports of web pages taking 2 minutes to load is a crock of.... I hope the flash prophecies are true, and we get it soon, but still browsing the web on this thing is amazing. I like the multi-touch zoom, but don't even feel that I need to use it much. Only on mobile sites actually, which is pretty ironic lol.

The keyboard took some getting used to. The auto-correcting feature works amazingly well, but you still have to watch for mistakes. If you want to type "I'm" and hit "in" by accident, your SOL. But it doesn't happen often, and you quickly learn where to hit the keys and typing speed increases for me every day. Now I have no problem using it, and actually have fun using it sometimes.

Now for the have-nots. You can't pick a ringtone for email/sms? AT ALL? Are you kidding??? I never hear the beeb, and if its not on my waist I have no idea I received a messaqe. Unbelievable. (In case you couldn't tell, this really bothers me and is probably my biggest complaint). An LED notification would also help, but nothing going on there either.

I also miss a computer-style file system. To view a doc, I have to email it to myself, save the message, and view it as I please. I wish there was a way to save it to the phone, but its not happening. The viewer is fine, its just getting to it that can be a pain. Its not a major deal to me because I rarely need to view those types of files, but for a heavy business user this phone will NOT be convenient.

I have to buy new accessories? You got to be kidding me, right?

I miss slingbox. 'Nuff said.

Overall, I am very pleased with the iPhone experience. It's not perfect by any means, but for what I USE A PHONE FOR, it has been adequate. So far, it has only been 5 days. But they've been a fun 5, I can tell you that!

Like it or not, Apple did a great job with this phone. Microsoft, Palm/Access, Symbian, RIM, are all taking notice. The UI is probably the strongest part of the phone, because it is always a factor obviously. Is finger-based navigation the future of cell/smart phones? Hard to say, but it will definitely be a part of it.

Coming from a smart phone, you have to understand the gives and takes that come with the iPhone. If you can give those thing I mentioned, than you will have a lot of fun with this phone. If the lacking features are important to you, and you're not one to swap SIM's, than this may be a waste. We're all different, but I can say that this phone is MUCH better than I expected.

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