iPhone OS 3.0 (b1 and/or b2) beta/dev. testers, what's the verdict...so far. ;)


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Sep 17, 2008
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I am thinking of trying the 2nd beta of OS 3.0 for a few days or a week, and then go back to 2.2.1, as I have tons of apps, which will likely not all work well, if at all.

I love beta testing, though. My BlackBerry Curve saw a total of 8 beta OS's, and my BB Bold, so far, I've upgraded 10 times. Beyond that, I test for Microsoft, Cisco (I love my wireless-N network w/WDS :D), SlingMedia (yes, SlingPlayer for iPhone 3G is coming!), and others.

Using the BlackBerry as an example, OS 4.6, build 247 is TONS better than AT&T's "official" build 167. There are 80(!!) builds between the two, and a lot of other carriers around the world have adopted much newer versions. .210, .237, and .247 are the most popular. AT&T is notorious for delays, which won't be the case for the iPhone OS 3.0 for obvious reasons.

I have read what's new in 3.0, and it all sounds fairly impressive. I say fairly, as cut/copy/paste,, MMS, and being able to text in wide view, which was withheld from us on purpose, since it works just fine on Safari, are hardly "incredible innovations", but rather overdue enhancements, and the reason of course is cold hard cash. But I digress...

At any rate, 100 new API's, as part of the new SDK sounds incredible. How does the OS look and "feel" like?? What new features impressed you the most? Do you think there will be a new iPhone this July based on what you've seen?

Kind of an annual tradition now, ain't it? :D
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Mar 11, 2009
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I have 3.0 beta 2 and it is very stable compared to the first beta... The Text lag is gone and freezing is almost completely gone. I am very happy with it so far! Cant wait til the next one comes out to see what is added!

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