iphone not charging with both pc and wall charger


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Mar 8, 2009
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yesterday i have battery remaining of about 20 percent then i tried to recharge it through pc which i normal used to recharge but pc didnt reconize it and then i used wall charger still its not charging
now my iphone is out of power.
when i tried to reboot it by pressing power and home button together apple logo appear for 5 second and then display changes showing itunes logo and cable



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Jul 28, 2008
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Plug it up to your PC and see if it will charge and activate. If it does let it remain plugged in until it's fully charged. If it fails to recharge then bring it to an Apple Store as long as it wasn't jailbroken when it stopped working.


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May 27, 2012
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IOS 5.1.1 Sharing Experience, Problem and Battery Solution after ios5.1.1 update

After ios5.1 , I am facing lots of issue. I updates last night, I can see the performance degraded a lot.....

I see following issues,

> booting time increased to twice-thrice
> application start time increased.
> iphone hangs while during the calls and dont restart back
> Not charging through any of my USB ports neither from Laptop, desktop etc.
> Connect to itunes after 3-4 iterations. Finaly failed to connect.

Next morning :

> Not charging anymore battery drained
> PC dont recognize any USB device
> itune cant detect iphone anymore.
> After regressive effort connected to laptop but unable to restore saying ios currupted?.strange !!! Battery not charge (guess >5% assuming) drained again.
> Now kept for charging through USB charger for hours (not showing any display of charging ! ). Not charging anymore..
> Tried charging with all the ways Lap., PC, charger, changing chord & charger both, re-installing USB driver of Lap/PC/ modifying registry etc.
> I can only see degrading of performance in all aspects?. mad:

My conclusion is the problem exists with the ios5.1 and its firmware not the battery.
I believe the Apple launched io5.1 without proper testing in all front and I will suggest every one wait for the a stable ios to come and dont update to 5.1.xx?.
Also, people who are using ios5.1.1 don?t let your battery drain out fully may face the charging issue?.!

I am still finding the solution to some how charge battery once and restore the iphone.


May 28, 2012 at 12:37 am

- iphone not charging anymore after ios 5 update or 5.1* update
- battery not charging, iphone 3gs

Solution in End : Checked for iphone 3GS (should work with others too)

I resolved the problem, : Tethered the phone....!

> After contacting for support every body say pblm with battery, USB port and USB cable all of this is non technical and non-experienced answers?.! I believe this is only due to apple products not sync with other companies hardware.
> Re-evaluate and concludes ?the software is unable to configure hardware in latest ios 5.x.x versions?, or problem is due to addressing errors reflected while jail breaking, which we ignored.

(phone state: show no battery icon, charge for 10 sec, start showing apple icon and again drain up or hang up without charging, Connected for hours for charging but no result). Wifi was ON by default so can see on my laptop iphone connecting and disconnecting which shows battery not charging above 2%.


> Before connecting to PC install redsnow0.9.11b4 which was the latest version available.
> Assuming your phone is already jail broken (good sign) as it was in my case (Dont feel it will jailbreak at this time since no battery it will not fetch .shsh/.ipsw , )
> Neither it will show up in itunes and even if so it show up for a moment and when u try to restore will say ios corrupt. So no need to try this, if u have jailbreak iphone.


> Take out the sim from the mobile. (Since I feel my mobile purchased form USA and after updating ios5.1.1. I register to India by mistake might be the cause of mobile hanging due to baseband registering issue)

> I restarted the Lptop.
> Disable Windows firewall. Disable antivirus fully (not just ON-scan access!) > Run the redsnow .Can see ?jailbreak? and ?extras? . Click ?extras? > Click ?just boot?. Read message.
> Connect the mobile with USB cable.
> whatever is the state of the ?Next? button. Switch of your mobile either shown battery charging icon or apple display.. Try normal shut down if doesn?t work press power+menu together for few seconds.
> Enter DFU : Be quick now! Click ?next? button and press power=> 3sec thn menu+pwr=>8-10 sec and release pwr only holding menu for more than 8 sec... The redsnow will reflect once u enter the dfu mode. Release menu...

This is the only succfull way you can enter the dfu mode (already read 20-25 blogs failed in entering dfu mode)

> Sit behind and :)! Soon you will see ur mobile back to normal and charging.

This worked with Me !:) !
Now waiting and testing if battery discharge again.

Suggestion :

1. Once you login. Remove icloud and keep data on PC will enhance performance and avoiding this issue. Also avoid phone locking :p !
2. Remove the data and applications from itunes and iphone causing sync problem because of high GB of data. Should be done before updating iphone.
3. My exp. all hardware USB issues is fake the problem with Apple protocol failed to sync with USB.

I feel apple should work a lot in testing before launching any new update :mad: !! Hope apple dont want to loose its market reputation of following own protocol and IP standards.

Tip : To exit the recovery mode use TinyUmbrella.

Please note do with your own risk :D !

Good Luck !


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Sep 7, 2011
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A simple fix could be try changing the sync/charger cable to another one and see if it charges with the wall adapter (make sure there is power to the plug that you are using). Cables can go bad and they do. Because it takes forever to charge via PC try using just the wall and see how long the cable lasts *Only if it was the cable*.
I know this post is old and it was only brought to my attention recently but the message still stands.

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