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Jun 9, 2009
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Before iphone birth,rarely people know about unlock sim card,however since 2007, along with iphone become more and more popular,unlock sim card is same crazy with iphone fans. it just because iphone was only sold with contract,it's band with one carrier in one country,sole sales. More and more people want to buy iphone,more and more people want to enjoy the wonderful iphone without contract,therefore,unlock sim card been developed.

Besides unlock sim card,another way to unlock iphone is software,usually software is much complex and release to market late,software is only with source code,but sim unlock card is not only with source code, it has assist of hardware --- a special sim card. So every time,the new iphone generation released, unlock sim card will be release to market earlier than software.

Actually,there are fierce competition between unlock sim card and software unlock. with the different advantage, they occupy own market. Some users pay for software because it's easy to download software worldwide and update online,but other users only want to the simply plug-use(plug the unlock sim card,turn on,the processing is automatically).

For iphone 1G,2G,including the iphone1.1serious,2.1,2.3serious, unlock sim card is ahead, but for iphone3GS/3.0, unlock sim card lost the battle. The most famous unlock sim card manufacturer rebel-sim is engaging in universal unlock and even software,and other famous brand,gevey,x-sim,i-smartphone also have no any latest news release.

Are we lost the battle?? No !! Mr Unlocking never give up,we are engaging improve our technology,and we are almost there,please keep eyes on the professional website www, mrunlock,net

if you want to know more about Mr Unlocking,contact us today!! sunny.huang# mrunlock.net sunny_dpt# hotmail.com

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