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Feb 7, 2009
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It seems to me that simple cut & paste is an essential feature for an electronic device, so that you can cut a segment of a response to an email to a customer without having to include the entire email thread (which may be sensitive) or retype the response in its entirety yourself. Apple practically invented the graphical user interface. They should appreciate the importance of this feature better than anyone else. And anyone else does in fact provide this basic feature.

Being able to sync notes you may have type on important calls you've had with customers while in the office so you can refer to them while traveling on the road is also an essential feature so that you stay up to date and informed on where you left off on what needs to be done next. Sure, you can do without it, but the job of a PDA is to simplify and automate your work and your life.

I don't know what business you're in, but my colleagues and I all require quick and efficient contact lookups, cut & paste of relevant information, synchronization of what's on our office computers to what's on our PDA, and the ability to send attachments of important files while away from the office. To me this is just table stakes. Other PDA's offer these features (Blackberry, Palm, etc.). It just seems to me to either be a gross oversight by Apple not to, or this isn't their target market.

Is iPhone really nothing more than an iPod with an integrated phone?


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Mar 27, 2005
To answer your question, no. I have a few phones including a Blackberry Bold - use the iPhone the most - and yes I use my phones for work and pleasure.

About copy and paste, I'm not to going to get into a long debate about this since it has been discussed many times over...

Bottom line is if you don't like it, stick with your Blackberry, pretty simple. ;)
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Nov 28, 2008
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It epends upon the business that you are in. I have my own business and the iPhone is my only business phone. I have some the features you mentioned with MobileMe. The others I do not need on my phone. I had Palm for years and never use those features.

As BA said if you rely on those features (Cut/Paste) stick with a device that does them, but not all Professionals and Businesses "have to" have them.

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Jan 12, 2007
Secret: Every month Steve Jobs goes into the R&D vault deep beneath Apple, asks to see the latest cut/copy & paste beta demo, multi-touch-tries it, then beats the techs in the head and yells "not elegant enough -- make it better!" and stamps out.

Bigger secret: the iPhone doesn't have some stuff other phones have.

Biggest secret: other phones don't have some stuff the iPhone has.

Figure out what you *need* (not think you want), and get the phone that best fits those needs.

What I did... ;)

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