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iPhone iMessaging problems?


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Okay so a few days ago my iMessaging stopped working. I don't know why, my phone is pretty crappy but I never had any problems with that. My internet also wouldn't work but all my roommates internets were working on their phones and they had no problems. I could still text message and then when my phone died and I turned it back on iMessage worked again. I texted a friend of mine today who also has an iPhone and they told me they were receiving it through email and not my phone number. My question is, if someone else with an iPhone had been trying to text me since my phone started doing this, would it not have went through since it wasn't sent to my email? I have been texting other friends with iPhones but it's a group message and I texted them first. The problem is there is a guy I really like and also he's a bit of a jerk, I'm worried he may have been trying to text me and now thinks I'm ignoring him. So could the texts not have went through because of this email situation?


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Jan 14, 2011
Without knowing what iPhone model you have and what OS you are running on it, It is rather impossible to know what to tell you, When you can provide this info, We will be glad to try and help. Thank you.


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Jan 8, 2012
Go to Settings-Messages, scroll down to "Send & Receive" and then tap on it. Make sure your phone number is selected as the option to send from and receive at. Un-check your Apple ID/email address. That should solve your dilemma.