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Apr 13, 2012
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My car is older, does not have a built-in hands-free setup. I do, however, have an AUX in jack on the stereo. My current setup is a Belkin BT atapter kit (Amazon.com: Belkin Bluetooth Car Hands-Free Kit for Apple iPod, Apple iPhone, BlackBerry,and Android Smartphones, US Version: MP3 Players & Accessories) which works great for plain audio (music, podcasts, etc) but it's absolutely horrible for phone calls. Call clarity is non-existent, it sounds like the other party is under water and I am constantly asked to repeat so my voice is probably coming through just as bad. If I use my Plantronics Voyager headset, it's fine. If I use no headset, just the handset or built-in speaker, it's fine. I have not tried a phone call with a wired headset, but music is fine with a wired headset and a wired headset adapter to the car, but I did try a phone call with the wired headset adapter, and that was a complete failure, neither end could hear the other.

I had purchased the Belkin kit about a year ago for use with my Droid, for phone and music, before I gave up on using it for music so I never really got a chance to see how it was on calls. Since then, it was working fine for music with my iPod Touch. the wired adapter I've had for probably five years, I got it when I had an iPhone 3G and, other than a small volume problem, it worked fine then.

So I am now looking for an alternative.

Does the iPhone 5 support multipoint? If so, then I can continue to use the Belkin unit for music and the visor mounted speaker or headset I have for phone. Otherwise, I'm looking for recommendations on a plug-in adapter that works well. Such a thing must plug into the car for power and plug into the stereo, NOT be an FM transmitter, and have a mic I can mount in a convenient place on the dash. I'd be looking to actually buy such a thing sometime in the next couple of months, as right now I'm flat broke.

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