iPhone battery life... 1st or 2nd gen


Jul 14, 2008
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I'm wondering how the batteries are performing for you all when you use the apps... games, in particular.

They seem to be real resource hogs. I didn't upgrade to 2nd gen, I've still got my trusty 1st gen iPhone.

I don't have to deal with the 3G drain issue, but I'm wondering how everyone regardless of model, is faring with battery life.

I'm thinking I may have to give in and buy another car charger (I lost mine, but was able to avoid needing it, except on long trips, due to the excellent battery life of the 1st gen model).

Soo... how's your battery?


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Jun 6, 2008
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On business trip and this is what I've found so far:

3G is a battery pig. I disable it and use wi-fi when available (usually is for me). If I really need 3G, I can always go turn it back on.

Push is a battery pig. I live off work email so I have to deal with it and leave ActiveSync in it's native, automatic power sucking state. Everything else is according to the fetch settings. If you don't NEED push on all your email accounts or data transfer, turn that off.

Anything that uses the screen for extended periods sucks power. Hey, you can't have that bright & big of a cell phone screen for nothin'! I leave on auto-brightness and hit sleep button if listening to iTunes or talking on phone via headset.

I have the mini wall wart and USB cable that Apple included with me in briefcase so that covers recharging at work & home. Will be getting a car charger also soon. Might look at Richard/Solo little portable charger but that's another thing to carry around, etc.

Is it the worst battery life I've ever had? No - but you will need to be careful if you want that battery to make it the entire day.