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iPhone app with restful wcf service + hosting?

Yukito Fuzhikhara

New member
Jun 7, 2016
iPhone app with restful wcf service + hosting

We have developed an iphone app which consumes WCF restfull service hosted on [redacted]. In this we sends videos,images as encoded(we converts videos and images in bytes the encoded using Base64) bytes and send through an xml to services method and decode at service side(Convert.From64) and then from bytes to files and upload on the server which is working fine on own server.But facing issue while doing the same with client server with IIS7. We are not being able to upload videos simultaneously on client server which we are able to do the same on our own server. While testing on client we are facing

("bool _WebTryThreadLock(bool): Multiple locks on web thread not allowed! Please file a bug. Crashing now")

but we never face such on our own server.

Kindly Help..
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Jan 8, 2012
Hopefully, someone will be along to assist you soon.