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Jul 26, 2009
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One of my major gripes about the iPhone is it's App store!! Apple has not updated/overhauled it since it's inception. My gripe is this:

When your browsing the app store you may be 10 pages or more into it (some categories have more pages than others) and see an app that looks interesting so you tap on it and it opens up.....you check it out and decide it's not for you and tap the back button and hope you land right back where you were before you checked out that app.....and you probably will...maybe??

Sometimes the phone takes you all the way back to the first page....and I guarantee it will send you back to the first page if you tap on the apps review section of any app and then try to go back to whatever page you were on before you checked out the app!!

If your only a few pages into whatever category you chose...no big deal, but some categories have umpteen pages and when your 20 pages in and get bounced all the way back to the categories first page...it can get real old...real quick!!

This is totally ridiculous Apple!!

My other gripe about the app store is the fact that their are no "App Bookmarks" how many times have you seen an app either on iTunes or more likely your iPhone and liked it a lot but due to budget restraints had to wait til payday to get it or maybe you wanted to wait til you got home and checked Youtube on your PC or MAC and see some reviews on it (I realize you can view Youtube on the iPhone but I really prefer my PC as most posters on Youtube have recorded their videos using inferior camcorders or web cams and I can barely make them out sometimes on my PC's 17" screen let alone an iPhone screen) before making a purchase, not too mention some apps cost upwards of $29.00 to as much as $99.00 for pro-specialty apps.

Point being, their are many reasons one may not be able to buy the app at the time you see it and checked it out...maybe even you did not have time to fully read the description or all the reviews...like when your at work and your boss just walked into the room, being able to quickly bookmark it for further review at a later date is a no-brainer Apple!!


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Jul 10, 2008
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We touched on this in the last Podcast. I think it is a work in progress and they will be working out the issues. Unfortunately, it might take some time...