iPhone and Motorola T305 Bluetooth Speakerphone


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Jun 19, 2003
I love my iPhone, but I wish it had a louder speakerphone feature. I was in CompUSA the other day and I saw the Motorola T305 BT speakerphone. It never occurred to me that a Bluetooth (BT) speakerphone might be the answer.

I was looking for a solution that would give me a "good" speakerphone voice quality while driving in my truck and not cost a fortune. I wanted it to be below $99. I did not want to spend "hundreds" of dollars for an add-on to the iPhone. The T305 was on sale for $70.

The Motorola T305 works pretty well. I have linked to two samples of voice calls: one from the T305 while driving at 40 mph with my air conditioning working & no music playing and one from the iPhone handset dirrectly. I recorded each sample using my teleconference system so they were sampled at the same rate.
iPhone and T305. iPhone Handset.

Again, the T305 is not perfect but the call sounds good while driving, the Bluetooth 2.0 works very quickly with the iPhone and always recognizes the BT speakerphone, it is very small and totally portable.

I thought that other iPhone owners might want to hear how the T305 sounds in case they are also looking at this option.

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