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Mar 28, 2017
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What’s in a name? Well, when you’re looking at sub-$10 cases for your precious iPhone, not so much. I stumbled across this little gem as I hurriedly typed in “iPhone 7+ clear case” into the Amazon search field. I ordered my wife a new iPhone 7+ as a surprise to replace her aging Note5, and needed to get something quick, fast, and in a hurry. Not that I don’t care about what kind of case my wife’s phone has on it, but really, I was just looking for a stop-gap case on the cheaps to protect it and show off the pristine finish of the phone until I could find something better.
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Enter Yoyamo!

Honestly, I’ve never heard of this company before, but I figured at the low price of $6.99, and free shipping with Amazon Prime, I couldn’t go wrong. However, once the case arrived – conveniently the same day as the phone – I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up the box.


Here are some pictures that I took as I opened the packaging and removed the case. I took several pictures and tried to capture every reasonable angle, for your viewing pleasure. The case itself is pretty crystal clear, as the description states. One very pleasant surprise is that there is no branding on the case, so if you really want to show off your phone and not have to worry about advertisement, or diminishing aesthetics, this case checks that box really well. The hue is neutral, and doesn’t absorb the color from the phone, which is a nicety. It lets you know that the case is there, but the real emphasis is on the underlying device.
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Build Quality:

The Yoyamo case is made out of Thermoplastic Polyurethane, commonly known as TPU. TPU is a popular material used in bumper-style cases, such as this one. It has as nice solid feel to it but has elasticity and impact absorption qualities that help to protect the phone in case you drop it. Being that this is a bumper style case, as you can see in the pictures, there is extra padding – bumpers – on every corner of the phone, which also adds protection for accidental drops. From my interaction with the case, it seems to provide excellent protection for the device.

Grip and Texture:

One of my primary concerns with phone cases is texture – is this thing going to slip out of my hand? The Yoyamo case comes in about middle-of-the-road for me in this area. It’s not ultra grippy, and it’s not as slippery as the phone itself. The edges of the case make it a comfortable and create a secure grip while holding it, but the backside of the phone is still a bit slippery. It’s not going to take a flying leap out of your hand from light gesturing or movement, but you should exercise a degree of care with your phone at all times anyway. If I had to rate the texture of this phone, I would say that it’s average – of course, it may be to your liking. Overall the finish is smooth and does not have any sort of contouring or added texture for grip.
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I like it, my wife likes it, and I think you’ll like it too! If I paid $30 for the case, I probably wouldn’t have felt as compelled to write an article about it, but for the on-sale price of $6.99 (normally $19.99), it’s definitely worth it. It hits all of the high points for a quality clear case. It’s solid, has adequate protection, and the crystal-clear TPU material really shows off the gorgeous colors that Apple has to offer, which is a quality feature in a world where cases cover up most of the aesthetics that really make a premium device like the 7+ shine.
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You can check out the Yoyamo Clear Crystal Case over at amazon.com, where it is still currently available for the low price of $6.99 (as of 2 April, 2017)

Head on over to check it out for yourself, and feel free to ask any questions you may have down in the comments section.


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