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iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus - Which one should I buy?


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I am slightly confused, not sure which one to buy among these two, the size of iPhone 7 is ideal, can be easy in hands, but I have read some reviews in which the battery life has been termed not good, on the other hand iPhone 7 Plus has got good reviews regarding the battery life, but I feel it will be uncomfortable in hands because of the big size.

I want a phone not so big, but it should also have a good battery life, should get me through the whole day, after moderate use.

Currently, I have S7 Edge, it has a good battery life, but I don't like the operating system and the look, S6 Edge was way more stylish, I am more attracted towards the Jet Black colour of iPhone 7/7 Plus, hence considering a move to iOS.

So, what do you guys suggest? Shall be thankful for your suggestions, merci.


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Oct 17, 2013
It's ultimately up to you, but if you have the S7, then the 7+ shouldn't be an issue.
Yes the batteries are different but generally a day is the average use from either device

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