iPhone 7+ Overnight & Standby battery drain


Aug 18, 2016
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Coming from an iPhone 6+ with its beastly battery, I was expecting the 7+ to be at least as good when it comes to battery life. However, ever since I got it, I haven't been able to get 10 hours of usage out of it(which I got on the iPhone 6+ all the time).

While I use the phone it doesn't seem to drain the battery as much, but a lot of the times when it is on Standby, it drains almost as much battery as when I use it.

Now before someone tells me to restore as new, I already did that, turned off Background App refresh and some Location services but it didn't seem to help.

Also, I've tried to see how much the battery would drain overnight after unplugging it before going to sleep and not using it at all(the phone was also on DND, so the screen didn't turn on). Considering the fact that it usually takes me 25-30 minutes of usage to drain the first percentage(100%-99%), I think it should've stayed at 100% the whole night, at least when it was on Airplane mode.

Anyway, I have a few screenshots showing off overnight drain while having the radios on, while having Airplane mode on and another one after a whole day of usage, which is the best battery life I got out of this thing.

Am I overestimating how long my 7 Plus should last? The reason I buy the Plus version is for the battery life, yet the battery life is not even impressive. Where are the days where an iPhone wouldn't even drain battery overnight(or would drain something like 1%)?
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Feb 20, 2014
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My battery drains usually around 7-9% overnight while in DnD on my 7 Plus.
It still performs some actions like iCloud backup and other stuff. Nothing to worry about.

10 hours of usage time seems more than normal to me on a 7 Plus.

The battery is similar to that of a 6Plus so don't expect any wonders in usage time.

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