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iPhone 7 Not Charging Fully


New member
May 29, 2017
Hi. This is my first post on iMore. My iPhone 7 occasionally does not charge to 100%. I got the phone in November and first experienced this just a couple of weeks later. For the most part, it charges fully with no problems. But the last two charges have stopped at 53% and 48%, respectively. Unplugging the charger and plugging it back in continues the charge and it then reaches 100%.

I'm using the cable and plug that came in the box. I'm also using the same charger/cable for my iPhone 6s, and that phone has never had any problem with charging.

Has anyone else experienced this?



Ambassador Team Leader, Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2012
I haven't. Have you tried resetting all settings? You may have to restore your iPhone via iTunes and then set it up as new.