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Question Iphone 6S+ downloading files to laptop with Thunderbolt port


New member
Mar 18, 2023
I have an old Iphone, an Iphone 6S+ that I'd like to connect to my laptop that has Thunderbolt 3 (USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C) port. Is there a cable I can use with Lightning connector on one end to connect to my Iphone and a Thunderbolt connector on the other end to connect to my laptop? I know each device has its own limitations and though i don't want to harm my old phone I do have a ton of photos and videos on it that i don't want to lose.

Another option I wanted to ask about is this: could I connecty Iphone with a cord with a lighting connector and a USB connector on the other end to a hub that connects to my laptop with a Thunderbolt connector?

Any help, or cord and hub suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Mar 10, 2012

As long as the Thunderbolt port has its USB pins connected, which they usually are, you can use the Lightning to USB type C cable that Apple sells: https://store.apple.com/ca/xc/product/MM0A3AM/A (or any other MFi Lightning to USB type C cable).

You could also use a suitable dock, but that’s usually more expensive.