iPhone 6, iOS 9, 2012 Toyota 4Runner w/Navigation - Bluetooth Phone Issues


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Oct 1, 2015
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I have a 2012 Toyota 4Runner w/Navigation system, and iPhone 6 using iOS 9. I have the phone plugged into the USB port in the glove compartment and Entune App running. I had to replace my iPhone on August 31st after my first iPhone 6 was stolen on the 28th. I have had the following issues since I bought the new iPhone and updated the iOS.

I have the phone connected through the head unit via bluetooth, as well as it being plugged into the USB port. The bluetooth audio will play Pandora app, Songza app when I have them turned on, and when this happens Waze will give me directions via bluetooth. When I have a CD playing, satellite radio or the Entune app playing with Waze running, Waze will not give me instruction through bluetooth or the phone, which would switch on to deliver directions, and then go back to the music. Also, the USB setting does not always register as the iPod so dock connector isn't always an option.

The bluetooth phone setting will not let me refresh the phone book or show the call history, therefore I cannot dial by name. I cannot accept calls when the phone rings through my head unit, which doesn't seem like a phone book or call history issue, but I can hit accept on my phone and the car multimedia will kick in and allow me to talk through Bluetooth.

Like I said, this wasn't an issue before the new phone and updated iOS. I've tried deleting personal data in the head unit, reseting the head unit (can't find button), multiple connections between phone and head unit, deleting all phones in iCloud after the theft and every option on the internet. I'm stuck at this point and could really use some help! Sorry for the length, but wanted to give all details.

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