iPhone 6 Charger (Three Pin) Making Sparking Sound.


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Aug 19, 2014
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I am from india and I bought my iphone 6 two months back from singapore in which i got broad three pin charger with it so i checked about electricity voltage supplied in both countries which i found same and the description written about voltage on charger of iphone 5s and 6 is same, in two months my charger fell down on floor with heavy sound 3 times and it didnt break but when i put in socket by using extension plug it makes sparking sound, i m scared that it wont blow up my iphone 6 motherboard, when i listen carefully plug is making little sparking sound as it looks like it is heating something inside and continues to make sound for about half a minute if we plug out also and when i connect my lightening cable to iphone 6 the sparking sound reduces, dont know my charger got defected after falling 3 times or its just like that just because electric current making sound while supplying? My iphone 6 is charging proper but should i go to apple service centre to replace? Will i get new charger free or i have to pay according to indian one which has 2 pins?

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