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iPhone 5s Touch ID will only works sometime .


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Hey , so yesterday I had gotten my iPhone 5s Gold 16GB on the latest IOS 7.1.1 . There is a problem , I register my touch id a few times and only works for about 30 minute and then it stop recognizing my fingerprint . After that , I deleted and re-register alot of times . So now is working properly , it only register my fingerprint properly only when my thumb is clean . Like I wash my hands . I enrolled 5 fingerprints with the same thumb . So now it's working perfectly , but is there any tips to help to solve this problem in the future ? Or is it because my thumb is cover with unseen dirt ? Any idea or tips to solve this problem . Please help guys , thanks so much !


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Oct 22, 2010
enroll a few other fingers... or try the tip of your nose... and if your hands are dirty, you may need to wipe off an enrolled finger.


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Nov 27, 2003
I got my one thumb registered 4 times.
This is working for me now about 8 out 10 times.
iOS 7.1 helped. Before that it was about 6 out 10 times.
I wash my hand quit a few times a day and I read that adversely effects the reading.
Good Luck


Mar 10, 2013
Haven't had any issues, have both thumbs enrolled. Can be used in either hand.