iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c reviews: 3 months later


Nov 15, 2013

Three months ago Apple, for the first time ever, released not one but two new iPhones in the same year - the forward thinking iPhone 5s and the fun and friendly iPhone 5c. Both were variants on last year's iPhone 5. The 5s kept the same design but added a monstrous new 64-bit Apple A7 chipset, Apple M7 motion coprocessor, an even better iSight camera, and the Touch ID fingerprint identity scanner. The 5c kept most of the same internals but switched to brightly colored plastic backs. It's a little early to determine just how successful Apple's strategy will be over the course of the year, but having used the new phones for 90 days, it's absolutely long enough to see how both phones are doing for us the consumers. Often lost among the endless marketshare, profit share, and usage share metrics are what matters most to us, the people that buy and live with the phones - how well they work for us not just on launch day, but every day.

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