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iPhone 5c LCD not working


New member
Aug 23, 2016
Got a iPhone 5c that worked then got a faulty one to repair so took off the screen on my working iPhone to put on the faulty one but when i put it back on the working iPhone the LCD doesn't work but the touch screen does I have tried holding the home and wake button down for 10 seconds but the LCD still doesn't work so connected it to iTunes apple ringtones and restored it back to factory apple ringtones
settings but still the LCD doesn't work but the touch screen does so does anyone know what else I can try please
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Dec 3, 2012
Hi there
I have a question: how do you know the touchscreen works if the LCD doesn't? If it's not on, how can you tell? Also my respects for messing with these devices internals, considering the risks and costs if something goes wrong.
I think YouTube is your best friend in this situation, also Looking around, I found this article that I hope sheds some light with your issue -> https://is.gd/yOqxhG
Hope you solve it!! :)