iPhone 5 repair issue


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Feb 14, 2014
Okay so here it goes,

Bought a white iPhone off eBay (I know its frowned upon but im a student on a budget and I cant be paying that much for a new one) It has a battery fault.

I opened up the phone replaced the battery, easy. Phone works. (It gets really hot, drains quickly and charges slow as hell. Typical eBay battery but it works)

After a couple of hours my GF rings me and I answer the phone but she cant hear me. Turns out the bottom microphone is broken. So I open the phone back up. Remove the screen and the battery and disconnect it from any power.

Have a look at the bottom block undo a couple screws so I know what to do when I receive the replacement part I ordered.

Put the phone back together and put it on charge. (The phone was on 10% before and it had probably died by then so it was my first thought)

It vibrates twice and pauses then vibrates again and repeats itself.

So i try to reseat the connections again to make sure they're all on correctly.

However now there isn't any vibration just a black screen and nothing.

I stepped away and left the parts in a Tupperware box of rice just to be safe thinking I might have tripped one of the moisture sensors with my sweaty hands but they're all white still.

Came back to it today and connected it all together and got "iPhone has been detected but could not be identified". I thought I might as well reset the connections again so I took them off and connected it up again and now nothing.

Suggestions? (what the problem could be or what I can do to fix it)

Thanks in advance,



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Oct 10, 2011
With out knowing what was wrong with it before you took it apart its hard to tell what exactly is wrong with it.
If it was repaired prior to you messing with it, then you did stuff to it. The more its worked on the less likely it is we will be able to actually know what is really wrong with it as each time its "repaired" any number of new issues can be caused.
Unfortunately your best bet is to take it into a repair shop that has a good tech who can diagnose it and actually try to fix it.
Lets hope it doesnt have liquid damage or any physical board level damage.


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Feb 14, 2014
Is there any way to identify physical board damage according to the previous owner it hasnt been previously opened so it has only been opened by me.
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