iPhone 5 Housing Change?


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Aug 28, 2014
Hey Guys! So currently I am using the old iPhone 4! Great phone, but iOS 7 is really pushing it hard. Recently my friend upgraded to the LG G3 and had an old iPhone 5 laying around. She offered to give it to me. But the screen is smashed pretty bad (but still works fine), cameras and microphones work. The damage is to the screen, body, and the power button doesn't work.

I was wondering if anyone has done a housing change and LCD replacement on the iPhone 5 and how they thought it went! I've done it numerous times with BlackBerries, so I feel pretty confident it will be fine!

Any advice?


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Jan 8, 2012
My middle son's iPhone display, home button and overall front casing was smashed beyond believe. He got it replace at a nearby mall for less than $100. It worked flawlessly until he damaged it a second time. He's still awaiting the funds to get it replaced again because me and his mom refuse to replace it....:)


Sep 23, 2013
I have also repaired quite a few blackberries in the past and the iphone 5 is much harder.I have done a back housing change on my iphone 5 from black to red. It's very fiddly and complicated and I broke the power flex so I had to replace that. The new flex I bought had the silent switch break after a month so I've been without that. If you're not planning on using the original buttons ie volume and power buttons you will probably need to also buy some spacers for the keys as most replacement buttons don't come with them and the buttons won't work without them. Also when you put it all back together the date will be reset to 1970 as the battery has been disconnected so you will need to change that before you will be able to connect to a mobile network etc. I've ordered a new flex and some spacers for my buttons so I will be disassembling it again to replace the broken bits. Also my housing is not completely sealed on the camera so it's gets quite dusty after a few months. So overall as long as you're willing to replace small parts that you may accidentally break and do a little maintenance every now and then such as removing dust from the camera you should be fine. I haven't replaced the front glass but that should be relatively easy to do. Or you could just pay someone else to do it.

You will need to buy a pentalobe screwdriver as well as some really small Phillips screwdrivers. So it can be done but it's very fiddly and time consuming and it's very easy to break things so take it slowly and lay everything out as you go along.

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