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Iphone 4s has been jailbroken for a week, stuck on reboot loop, Windows 7 won't recognize it.


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So I jailbroke my Iphone 4S about a week ago and just last night my dad tried to hard reset it and it got stuck in the reboot loop it'll go from booting to the lockscreen and then reboot again. When I put it in DFU mode to restore it isn't recognized by windows 7 and gives me Error Code 43 (device malfunctioning).


Mar 1, 2014
You can try and exit the reboot loop downloading and installing Redsnow and it gives you the function to try and exit a reboot by going under Extras and then exit reboot loop and follow the onscreen instructions. But if you are running ios 7x it might not work but it's worth a shot anyways.