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Iphone 4 Otterbox Reflex case will not fit Iphone 4S


Jan 11, 2011
I brought an Otterbox reflex for iphone 4 in advance from amazon. today I noticed that otterbox have updated their site that iphone 4 reflex cases will not fit 4S. :confused:

quote from otterbox site
■iPhone 4 (all carriers)
■This case is compatible with the white iPhone 4
■This case does NOT fit the iPhone 4S "

I am posting it to caution anybody from doing the same mistake as me. :)
As a side question does anybody know what could be the reason for this incompatibility?:confused:


New member
Oct 11, 2011
seems like a lot of the case manufacturers jumped too quickly on the "same spec's" info from apple, but perhaps there is a little difference in the volume keys and silence key. google iphone 4 cases fitting iphone 4s.