iphone 3gs recovery mode weired problem -seek for unswers please help


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Oct 30, 2012
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i have iphone 3gs on ios 6 -no jailbreak . iphone all working well but the problem is that when i connect it to ac power or pc and the iphone turn on it enter directly into recovery mode , if i turn on the iphone when its plugged in it goes into recovery mode but when i turn on the iphone when it is not plugged there is no problem and the iphone system upload and everything working even when i plugged it to pc or ac power the iphone working fine and charging +recognized by itunes . the problem is that when i plugged it to ac power or pc when the iphone is turned off it goes into recovery mode so i need to disconnect the cable ,turn on iphone and wait for system to appear and then to plug it back to power or pc .

does anyone have any idea what is causing the problem ?
i already restored the iphone by itunes -clean restore -no hacking or custom firmware but still same problem .
i replaced a dock connector but still same problem.
i have used several chargers and various cables but no luck , i have also the backlight problem - it wont turned on - its the 6r8 coil which need to be replaced , is it possible that the iphone goes into recovery only when its plugged in by cable because of damaged 6r8 coil ? i have searched the web but didnt find any link that it is what causing the problem so i guess its other problem than that
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