iPhone 3GS, missing music when I sync


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Nov 2, 2009
OK, now I'm officially frustrated.
I bought a ringtone. Just one. I bought it because after I went through the steps laid out in a miriad of places I was unable to sync the ringtone I created from the song that I own to my phone.
I bought the ringtone over the air. It was on my phone until I synced again, then went away.
I de-selected all music from the sync, ran a sync, re-selected the music and the sync put the ringtone back on.
Now the darned thing is gone again. It is still in iTunes on my computer. I selected "sync entire library", performed a new sync, and it's still not going onto my phone.
What am I doing wrong? I submit to the collective wisdom of this forum and humbly beg your help. I am at my wits' end!

Laurie Foss