iPhone 3Gs Handsfree Bluetooth


Jun 18, 2009
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I got my new 3Gs the day they came out. Before that I was still using an original 8 GB 1st gen iPhone. In my car I have a Pioneer DEH-9800BT deck that is bluetooth capable for handsfree talking in the car. It worked beautifully with the 1st gen iPhone. Ever since I have gotten the 3Gs I have had problems using handsfree. Once I get the 3Gs paired up with the stereo, I can hear the phone conversation through my car speakers just fine. The problem is with the microphone. The stereo has a microphone attached to it that is mounted to my driver's side sun visor. However, the 3Gs doesn't seem to use it. It appears that it is still trying to use the internal iPhone microphone. This kind of defeats the purpose of handsfree since I still have to hold the phone close so that the person on the other end of the line can hear me through the iPhone mic.

Has anyone else had this problem with the 3Gs (or perhaps it is a 3.0 OS problem)?

This problem existed in 3.0 software as well as 3.1 beta which my iPhone is currently on. I was hoping maybe 3.1 would solve this, but so far the beta has the same problem.

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