Iphone 3G partial review/rant


Jul 22, 2008
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Let me start off by saying I really enjoy my Iphone 3G, however it does have drawbacks. I am only going to touch on the problems I have with the phone and not the positives. I could probably write a thesis on the positives and the things that the Iphone 3g should have, but I will keep it short.
-The biggest thing that annoys me is that there is no indicator light on the phone to show that you have a message, email, or missed call. The fact that I have to constantly keep checking the phone to see if I have any messages is annoying as hell. Plus to make matters worse the ping or vibrate is kind of weak and I miss them sometimes. The phone is so advanced it can't be that hard to add an led light. If you want to target business people I feel you need this feature
-Everyone knows about the battery issues so I will not really get into it. Apple just needs to add a removable battery. Adding this can eliminate some of the complaints about the battery issues. I understand you were trying to be innovative and greedy the first time but its played out now. Just tack on a couple of bucks extra for an additional battery and be done with it apple.
-Mobile Me right now blows. Its the windows vista of emails.
-The phone aesthetically looks awesome and no one could ever say its not the sexiest phone out there. Apple has the awards to prove it. I still think they need something on the back of the phone to make it more comfortable in the hand. This is one thing Palm and Blackberry have done right on their phones. The new plastic back and added curves is a step in the right direction. Just a little more tweaking and I feel the phone would be even better.
-Apps from the app store crash on me more then my internet explorer did.
-Yeah Yeah we know that the iphone 3g is still lacking the main cell phone features, but it didn't stop over 7 million people from buying the phones. (that number includes the first iphone sales and the numbers are growing by the day). Most people found alternative ways to get some of these basic features into their phones.
In my opinion I feel that Apple leaves some of these features out on purpose just to create a buzz. They always have to be different even if it means pissing people off. At the end of the day apple gets the same successful results. They also have us brain washed into thinking that some of these features will be added in a software update. There wasn't much added to the original iphone in updates so I am not optimistic. The only advantage now is the app store. That is a work in progess and over time we will see how that pans out.
Another thing that hurts the iphone with businessmen is that to many young people have the phones. This creates the image that is more of a toy then a business tool. Apple has to make some big strides for this to even come close to competing with Blackberry for the business user.
At the end of the day after 3 charges I still enjoy my new Iphone 3G.
Sorry for the long post and I hope you made it at least half way through.
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Jul 21, 2008
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Great review.

Interesting opinion on the updates that Apple may NOT give us...

I would be really pissed if they didn't give us:
1) ichat
2) some sort of rss app
3) copy n paste features


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Jun 6, 2008
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SM12 - excellent laundry list and I have experienced most of it, agree with most too. But that doesn't mean I'm going back to my Blackberry (Curve 8310 waiting to go on eBay). I hated trying to read email on it - small screen, even with a 3rd party HTML app, all the links, etc. just sucked. I love reading email on the iPhone. Night & day difference.

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