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iphone 3g help!


New member
Nov 24, 2012
I just purchased an iPhone 3g for my 10 year old daughter on Amazon for $55. I have never owned Apple products, now after great research I realized that little "s" makes a huge difference. My question is, is the 3g a suitable phone for a 10 year who will be playing games and using the internet or will she be disappointed by limitations on this device? Any info would be appreciated


Aug 12, 2010
I'd say she will be disappointed with any but the most basic games.

If she will mostly be making texts, phone calls, and emails it will be fine.

The main issue is probably not the speed of the processor but that it cannot get the latest OS updates so a lot of newer apps that built to run only on the newer OS so she couldn't use them at all. If I remember correctly the 3G stopped at iOS 4, which is two iOS generations off of the current iOS 6. The 3GS on the other hand may be slow compared to current phones but it is update able to iOS 6. Even the 3GS won't be getting any future updates though.

Assuming that she is planning on using it as a phone and you don't mind having a 2 year contract, both Verizon and AT&T offer the iPhone 4 for $0.