iPhone 3.0 O/S released on 18th now


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Jun 17, 2009
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iPhone 3.0 O/S delayed???. theregister.co.uk reports

Taken from theregister.co.uk

iPhone OS 3 coming today tomorrow

By Bill Ray

Posted in Mobile, 17th June 2009 09:51 GMT

Apple has announced that the latest version of its iPhone OS will be available from tomorrow, forcing iPhone users to twiddle their thumbs for a day longer than expected.

The update brings with it bunch of much-awaited features, including cut and paste, MMS and support for Bluetooth headphones. iPhone users have been chomping at the bit to get hold of the new release which was expected today.

The reasons for the delay aren't clear. The fact that hacking group The iPhone Dev Team spent Tuesday evening demonstrating how to unlock the OS - allowing phones to be used on other networks - could have something to do with it, but more likely it's a logistical issue. Either way, Apple aren't saying anything.

There were some links floating around the internet to a direct image of the new OS, though the fact that they have swiftly disappeared would seem to indicate Apple is spending the day making some last-minute modifications to the OS before tomorrow's release.

But one more day without MMS or stereo Bluetooth shouldn't bother iPhone users, who'll still be able to flaunt their new functionality before the weekend. ?

Because of time zones this will be true for some people around the world. But thought some people might want to have a read.
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Mar 20, 2009
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Yeah, these rumors have been floating around all day. I highly doubt apple would just let this day pass without saying something. Plus, can you think of the media backlash? Also, where is the link to this so call apple announcement. Rumor mongering all, Rumor Mongering.

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