iPhone 1st generation help needed desperately...Screen Goes Black


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Apr 21, 2009
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Please help...I am having problems ending my call. After my call is finished, my screen goes black hindering me from getting to the "end call" button. I tap a few times and if I'm lucky I will catch it in time before it goes black again. I have even tried downing my iPhone in order to end my call, but that doesn't always work. Plus, while doing all this my call hasn't ended and the person on the line is wondering how come I said goodbye a minute ago, but is still on the line.

I have tried restoring, going back to factory settings, deleting everything and setting up as a new phone and so far nothing has worked. I called 1-800-MY-iPhone, but they can't help either, because I didn't buy the extended warranty. They said since I have already tried everything they would have suggested, there is nothing they can do. Of course, they did suggest sending in the phone or upgrading to the new iPhone, but with all the rumors of a new iPhone, I'd rather wait a bit. Not being able to end calls 100% of the time makes me crazy.

Has anyone have this happen to them before?

Thanks a bunch for any suggestions or help.


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Mar 8, 2008
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:rolleyes:I am not sure what your problem could be, but I had a similar problem when my IPhone was in its case. the case would get too close to the sensor making the phone think that I was holding the phone up to my ear. When that sensor is covered it disables the screen to reduce accidental commands. When I removed the phone from the case all was well. I hope that it is something as simple as that.:D

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