iPhone 14 Plus airlifted to rescue using a MagSafe Duo charger


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Aug 27, 2021
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>>>This one, however, is the closest thing I've seen to the kids from the Sandlot trying to use a K'NEX set to get their baseball back from The Beast. This was some clever engineering and, thanks to Apple bringing MagSafe to the iPhone, someone got their iPhone back from what may have been otherwise oblivion.<<<

Slick reference to The Sandlot.
Not sure if this wasn’t a fake setup and this isn’t exactly Watch saving someone’s life but it was kinda cool (I agree with the guy in the video, MagSafe is great!).
I watched a YT video with testing of MagSafe strength on iPhone 13 pro and 14 pro. Apple appears to have increased magnet strength on the 14.