iPad2 Camera App with live image enhancement, filters & effects: Camera Boost


Dec 16, 2010
Yes, iPad2 only, and using the full power of that new A5 chip!

App store link: I'm not allowed to post links :( Just search for 'camera boost' on the iPad app store, you'll find it.

What is it? It's a replacement for the built-in Camera app, with some major innovations. The biggest: image enhancement options, filters and effects - all applied in realtime, directly to the live camera view at full quality!

This totally changes the way you use your camera. Now you can adjust the image on the fly, while shooting. Get it just so, THEN hit the photo button to take the shot. Continue shooting and changing enhancements and effects all the time, with no stopping to apply filters after shooting, and no waiting for effects to be applied. Everything is instant, and it's very easy to use.

App features:
  • Live image enhancement! Control image contrast and exposure, color saturation, sharpness and much more - and see the results instantly in the live camera view.
  • Many filters and effects. See the screenshots for some examples, and the App Store description for details.
  • Full resolution images. The built-in camera app actually cuts your photos down to fit them on screen! Camera boost takes full sized (1280x720) photos.
  • Full quality live preview. The live camera view is full resolution and quality, so what you see is exactly what you will get.
  • Mix & match effects. Apply as many or as few as you want, and tweak away with the controls!
  • Speed! Even at HD resolution with ALL effects turned on at once it's still blazing fast. Photos are instant - take several per second if you want!
  • Supports front + rear cameras, both with 4x zoom
  • Built-in photo album, viewer and sharing (email, Facebook and Flickr)

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions here on the thread, or drop me an email - chris (at) interealtime.com . I'm looking to develop this app a lot, so feedback (good or bad!) is very welcome!

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