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Sep 19, 2012
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Hi guys,

I have the iPad 2 (obviously, as if not I'm in the wrong forum), and I've had it since last Christmas. Now, just recently, I've noticed that it's beginning to be a bit jerky and unresponsive at times, with the home button sometimes not responding, and multitasking gestures not playing ball. And tonight, this has been topped off with the iPad deciding the turn the screen on and bypass the 'slide to unlock' and going straight to 'type passcode' screen, without any input at all. It's doing it completely at random, and I have no idea why.

It sort of adds to the iceberg of weird things that it seems to be doing at the moment, and it looks completely unprovoked. I've disabled smart cover unlock, in case there was a magnet nearby getting it excited, but it's still doing whatever it likes, whenever it likes. I've moved it away from where it was before, in case there was something interfering, and it continues to do it, and nothing has been changed OS-wise, with no app updates or the like installed within the last few days, although the screen thing has only started tonight.

Any ideas as to what's wrong with it, and what I should do with it? Apple's standard warranty is a year, isn't it? I just checked the website, and the estimated date of getting it repaired under the warranty is to the 24th of December, so there isn't long left.

Any advice appreciated.


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Jun 1, 2011
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I had one where the screen would stop responding it was the magnet sensor that was causing the issue ..

Two things I would try

Hook to iTunes and restore set it up like brand new not from a backup
If the issue is gone then restore your back up
If issue comes back then you know it's something software in the backup

Then you can restore again and set up as new

If after a restore and set up as new the issue is still there then take to apple explain that you have restored it already to try to solve your issue
They will replace it

If you don't do the restore at all most likely this is the first thing apple is going to try at the store

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