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I need a laptop so I think I do... I'm not a computer geek and cant decide between getting a ipad pro or macbook pro?
What I need: I need to be able to do social media as I am a volunteer for a foundation and also work in a restaurant where I post my dishes etc. I would also like to do some "design" things like creating flyers/menus etc.
Also storing photos/videos and editing them nothing fancy just little things so i can post it for social media etc.
Other than that its really surfing the net, watching videos/movies/.
Oh i have always been a pc person so i need to be able to use microsoft powepoint, excel, word etc.
PS. I bought an apple mac book back in 2006 and hardly used it as I never really got around to figuring how to use it.
Can anyone help? Or do i just get a pc laptop? haha


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Aug 14, 2015
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Definitely a MacBook Pro. The iPad Pro is not the right device for your needs. You don't need the newest MBP with the touch bar. I would recommend 13", minimum 8GB RAM, at least a 256GB SSD. As for storing photos/videos, I would just buy a decent external drive and keep all that on there. Allowing your computer to stay clear. You can run Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel, Word with ease. You may even like Pages, Numbers and Keynote which are Apple's version of Microsoft's Powerpoint, Excel & Word.

Apple offers in-store courses you can take to help you learn the Mac. As well Apple offers a lot of online support for learning the Mac. Here is an example. It won't take you long to learn and you should come to appreciate the MBP quickly. Plus you can get help right here on iMore. No question ever to dumb. Good luck!

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