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iPad Pro for professors/academics instead of PC or Laptop


Dec 3, 2016
Dear colleagues!
Are there any professors/academics on this forum? Do You use Your iPad Pro instead of PC? How do You use it?


Jun 7, 2010
I guess not, eh? How about you? Do you use your iPad Pro rather than a laptop?

I would think with the keyboard and an Office suite, you could do ok with it. It would sync to your other machines so would be a nice portable way to do what you needed.


Active member
Sep 2, 2017
Yes I do. But not solely. I have a Desktop PC in office and one at home, while iPad is my mobile computer and I use to deliver lectures and ppt presentations. I use it for searching references, downloading papers, create and edit word documents such as reports, manuscripts, question papers etc. My iPad doesn’t have a good chemistry drawing program and that is a drawback and another grief is not having an app like Origin Pro software for graphs, spectra, charts etc. I have purchased iPad Pro, which is yet to be received.


Trusted Member
Oct 4, 2014
I do use an iPad Pro, but it does not replace my MacBook Pro.
I’ve always felt that I’m able to do more stuff on a laptop as compared to a tablet.
Nov 13, 2012
I'm a student majoring in Hotel Mangement and own a cellular iPad Mini 4. I used to use my Macbook Air for school, but after getting an iPad, it was powerful enough to replace my laptop so I ended up selling my Macbook. I still have a desktop PC, but whenever I go to class or out in general, I bring my iPad with me along with a bluetooth keyboard. I have an Office 365 subscription so using MS Office and One Drive is great. The screen is a bit small for productivity, but I still love the size for media consumption. There are now a lot of powerful apps available that takes advantage of the hardware, so iPad Pro owners definitely can and should use their iPad for productivity.

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