iPad Pro 12.9 first generation Vs iPad Pro 12.9 second generation


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Jun 13, 2016
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Somebody please make a comparison for both models and tell me what are the major differences between them? specially in physical, front & rear sides, How's the speaker quality of second generation, is it louder? The brightness, I heard second is more brighter is this true? Also weight looks like the second is a bit lighter. Battery!? From what i saw at some tech sites, it is bigger which means longer time of using? 512 GB is a big win for me so far. (Owned a 256 GB currently)
Might be upgraded to the second generation and all your replies would be completed my final decision. So my purchase, totally, depends on you. :party::thinking::yes::D


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Jan 8, 2012
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From a quick glance, it appears the new 12.9” iPad Pro now has what the 9.7” iPad Pro have - True Tone Display, wide color support and a 12 MP camera. It also runs the A10X Fusion Chip instead of the A9X, among a few other things.