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iPad Mini + cell delivery embargo in Western Canada?


New member
Nov 27, 2012
Is there a specific Apple requirement that the iPad Mini, cellphone version, be delivered after a certain date in Western Canada? My iPad Mini, cellphone version, got as far as the YVR UPS hub on Friday 30th then it stalled. I later got an "Exception" message on my tracking information with the message "The sender has requested a delivery time that is later than the service commit time for that area". I spoke with Apple and they denied any such restriction but then said they could not call out and check with UPS because of a "phone problem". I spoke with UPS and the message I got was the same as that quoted above and delivery will take place after this weekend. A delay of several days.

Sadly I am not the only one with this problem. Another purchaser was following his iPad Mini (cellphone version) delivery on Friday. It got out of the YVR UPS hub but then got stuck in a depot half way to its destination in the local suburbs. Delivery will not take place until after this weekend. Apple denied the existence of a delivery restriction in this case as well.

Does anyone know if delivery restrictions to Western Canada actually exists?