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Ipad Air - more than 1 phone for imessages??


iMore Question

I have (2) iphone6's and (1) ipadAir. I use one phone for personal and the other for business, it is not registered as a business line though.
My personal line is already linked to my ipad for imessages, but I'd like to have BOTH lines linked. Is this possible???
I did a little research and came up with..... "only 1 icloud account can be linked", but you can add another email address as long as it's not an @icloud.com account.
So if I add my @aol.com email address that I use for my business..... the imessages will go to my ipad??
Hope I phrased this to make sense!!


New member
Aug 20, 2013
You could try. Or just log into both phones from the same iCloud account. There's a ton of threads about other phones in the household ringing on the other's iPads because they were all logged into the same iCloud account so that would work.