iPad 3 + Screens VNC App with SSH tunneling + 2012 Mac Mini Server

JAL Payen

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Sep 3, 2012
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I am strongly considering purchasing the 2012 Mac Mini Server. Since there is no display for that particular computer, I understand that I can in any case use my third generation iPad via the Screen VNC client to control the Mini.


1. Just to confirm, is the above setup possible?

2. Is the above setup possible at home only (see question 3)?

3. Does so-called "SSH tunneling" allow me to access the Mini, via the iPad, outside my home network? I would use for this the Screens app installed on both the iPad (see iMore's review on Febraury 2012 for details) and the Mini. In other words, the Mini would be permamently fixed to my home network. Outside the reach of that home network's Wi-Fi signal, I would use a a 4G mobile hotspot modem so that the iPad connects to the Internet and safely shake hands, on a daily basis, with the house network back at home, thus allowing me to work on the Mini from anywhere.

4. Can the out-of-the-box initial HOME setup of the Mini be done with the iPad as the screen or should I first plug the Mini to my TV (VGA and HDMI plugs) and not till AFTER then continue with the iPad VNC setup? Or does the Mini automagically communicate with an iPad? I guess that's a no-go, since a VNC connection is required on both machines. So, correct me, the answer to this question is NO.


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