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Ipad 2 disabled



My ipad 2 has been dead for months. I finally decided to plug it in and charge it to start using it again. I turned it on and it didn't even give me the option to put in my password. It just says Ipad is diabled and the date and time behind it is 9:45 and Wednesday, December 31st, when it is 3:53pm CST here on August 31st. How can I fix it???


New member
Dec 4, 2010
Two things come to mind:

1) Laptops/Desktops have a BIOS battery that keeps the time set. When the battery you actually use on a daily basis dies, the BIOS battery keeps the time and date. I know iPads don't have a BIOS battery, but I guess if it went that low, it could forget the time and date, in theory.

2) You put it away with it basically disabled, and now you have to restore as new. Power it off, get Slide to Power Off and all, hold the home button, plug in while still holding the home button, wait until iTunes says "detected a device in recovery" let go of home, click ok. Click restore. You may have to do it twice if the download takes more than 10 minutes.