iOS6 Maps app vs Garmin Nuvi 765T vs Navigon on iPad


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Oct 22, 2010
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Took a little day trip from home in North Central Iowa and went to my favorite places on Earth to go for apples & cheese in SW Wisconsin...

Took my Garmin, iPad running Navigon, and my iPhone running iOS6 maps and iOS6 Maps app performed every bit as good as my Nuvi & Navigon on the iPad, even in the boonies of Amish country outside of Cashton, WI where your just as likely to see a horse-drawn carriage as you are another car on the road. The only advantages Nuvi & Navigon have going for them: the Nuvi has is the ability to preplan a route and load it onto the device... and the Nuvi & Navigon have junction view & lane assist respectively that will give realistic images of exits and lanes you need to be in on interstates for the exits I dealt with on the trip.

I firmly believe that while iOS6 Maps app may have some issues, they are being greatly exaggerated by people who just hate Apple and anything it does, by Android fanbois, and the segment of the population that simply likes to kvetch because they can - and bloggers that fit in the mentioned "demographics" that are trolling for hits on their blog.

My opinion - take it, or leave it.

Adding for those that might want to know where I went:
Apples: Sunrise Orchard, Gays Mills, Wi. GPS coordinates: N43.31763 W90.83117 -- Their Cider doughnuts are to die for.
Cheese: Old Country Cheese, rural Cashton, Wi. coordinates: N43.71028 W90.72148 -- There is nothing in the world quite like freshly cut cheese curds that are still warm from the vat...

Both have web sites, and will ship... :D
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Oct 3, 2010
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Same here the 5 times I used it, it worked flawlessly. And everyone is complaining about a free service. For the love of god if it doesn't work for you than pay for another one.


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Jun 17, 2009
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I feel the same way. To top it off every complaint that I have seen with apple maps being demonstrated has been with satellite imaging. Seriously who uses satellite imaging while driving? The picture may show the street out in the ocean or in the middle of the park but the vector graphics show just fine.

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May 3, 2011
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I used the maps app today for the first time. We were going to an antique flea market, out of state in an unfamiliar area. I put the address in ... And it took us on 222N... Then had us get off the next exit.. And get back on 222S .. And then told us to "prepare to park on 222S". This is a major highway!! The antique flea market was on a road running parallel with the highway. I quickly punched the address in to google maps from safari and it directed us off the next exit and around to the correct street.
I also wondered about all the complaints with Maps, and have read that some have had no problems at all. Before we left home i had it locate me. It put me at an address on the street behind my house, and one house to the left.

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Mar 4, 2012
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I have used Apple Maps app several times in the Charleston, SC area and it has worked fine each time. There may be some areas where improvement is needed but the app is not as bad as some have made it out to be. There are alternatives available. It can only get better with time....and hey, it is free.

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