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Mar 4, 2011
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I'm not quite sure where this thread belongs so if it needs to be moved to the proper section that is completely fine. I've been reading and hearing a lot of people complain about iOS and I've even heard a statement from a friend who heard this at his work (he works at Best Buy), saying that "iPhones are basically smartphones for r******". I censored the "R" word as I do not like it. Why is there such hostility towards iOS? Why can't people choose a phone that works for them without bashing other platforms? I'm still not sure why so many people think that iOS devices can't perform or think they are terrible. I've been using iOS for 3 years now and have had Android phones in the past as well as used several newer devices (Nexus 4 & GS3). I have nothing against Android, I just like iOS better. It's really all about personal preference. I personally think iOS is more fluid and snappier. That doesn't mean I'm right or wrong, it just works for me. It really is all personal preference. One OS may be good for one but not someone else. iOS suits a lot of people. And just a little side note, just because iOS may not have the specs as lets say the GS3, Note II or Nexus 4 doesn't mean its less powerful. Apple underclocks their devices because its built around their software, same goes for the Mac line. That's why iOS and OSX has been so successful and why the OS itself doesn't have as many bugs (and I'm not saying iOS is bug free, just has marginally less). Like I said, I don't hate Android, I actually like Android, BlackBerry and Windows. It provides people with an option. iOS doesn't work for everyone. I just happened to fall in love with iOS and the iPhone. I own several Apple products, not because of the hype around them or to be a "hipster". I chose those products because they are what have worked best for me. I have a MBP, aTV, iPad, iPad mini, iPod Classic and an iPhone. Some may classify me as a fanboy but I disagree. I am an Apple enthusiast. I have tried other products before I moved to all of the aforementioned products. I had a Roku XS before my aTV, I just wasn't a fan. I have had several laptops before moving to OSX. I have had a Dell DJ (extremely old, I know, but I only upgraded as it bit the dust) and a Zune which I liked but didn't love, I don't really need to give a reason for the iPads as they go along the same lines. I just don't get why people think that Android is superior to iOS. The capabilities that the iPhone can't do are getting smaller and smaller. It really is about preference. I have heard several people, who claim to be extremely tech savvy and extremely familiar with Apple products who have literally said that Android is a SUPERIOR OS and has SUPERIOR phones in general. How? I may be delusional but I completely disagree. How is Android superior? The main argument that I have heard is that Android is open-sourced. There are things that iOS can do that Android can't and vice-versa. I truly believe there is no superior platform as people have different tastes. IT IS ALL ABOUT WHAT YOU LIKE! Sorry for the rant but I just had to get that off my chest as the past few months I have seen/heard more and more people bashing the hell out of the iPhone and iOS in general.


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Jun 12, 2011
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Another one of these threads........

Use what you like. People with low self esteem or not happy with settling on a device will always want to bash anything but what they have.

I hear people say my mom has an iphone so why do I want the same phone. I've also heard iphones are the smart phone for dumb people.

People will always attack whomever is on top.

Trust me I understand. I still own a BlackBerry by choice so I hear lots of people try to make fun of me. That's why I keep a defender on my phone so I can throw it at them hard. Then I say its a phone and a weapon.

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May 15, 2012
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People who need to feel superior will bash other people choices, no matter what those are.

You want a solid, no-nonsense, "just works" phone? iPhone.

You want nearly endless customization and open markets? Android.

You want a solid work and business-oriented phone? Blackberry.

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