IOS Animations stuttering on iPad Air 2!! HELP!!


Apr 30, 2016
Sometimes when I unlock the iPad while it goes to the home screen for no reason the animations there is a slight stuttering/lag during going to the home screen and this happens all so on when I try to switch or come off a app/game to the home screen and it is getting very annoying and frustrating!! :(

And at the same time I absolutely definitely have no apps/games running in the background so it definitely should NOT be happening on a iPad Air 2 which should not have any problems with IOS Animations!!! :(

And the IOS version that I have is the latest version on IOS 9 which it is 9.3.4 and the animations stuttering are getting worse and worse every freaking version!! :(

I really really hope Apple will fix this stupid stuttering during animations in IOS 10!!

And when the animations stutter it is only slightly but it still really annoying and is getting worse and it is starting to happen more often now as well! :(

But in the mean time how do I get rid of the animations stuttering like unlocking the iPad to the home screen and always make the animations smooth and not stuttering?? And does anyone has the same animations stuttering problem as me on a IPad Air 2??

Btw I have dropped my iPad Air 2(with out a case) on hard floor badly a quite a few times and has a small dent(which annoys the hell out of me) on the back of my iPad. So maybe the iPad especially inside externals like CPU is damaged so maybe I should I get the iPad repaired or maybe get a replacement at PC World(the place I bought the iPad). :(

I definitely don't understand why the IOS animations are stuttering on a iPad Air 2(which it is very powerful) because even my 4 year old iPod Touch with IOS 5 NEVER ever has any problems with stuttering with animations, It is always smooth!! :(
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Jan 8, 2012
I recommend the following two things:

1. Restore your device and then set it up as new.
2. Make a Genuis Bar appointment with the nearest Apple Store to have them run a diagnostics check on your device.


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Nov 20, 2015
Your experience might vary, but in my case I made a difference with an older iPad by making some free space on the iPad (deleting apps I was no longer using) and then reinstalling the OS via iTunes (not a full reset that erases everything, just reinstalling iOS). I suspect doing on-the-air updates while there is little free space makes things a bit worse each time.