iOS 8.4.1 Fresh Start or wait for iOS 9?


iMore Question

Every Since the Update to 8.4.1 my phone has been riddled with glitches not contained to just one app. I know iOS 9 is around the corner and was wondering if I should hold out for the update or start completely fresh. I store everything on my phone so as you can image restoring it to the way I like would be troublesome and time consuming.

Here are some of the glitches i've come across since the 8.4.1 update.

-Safari will randomly pause after clicking a link in google search or links from other sites.
-Mail will randomly not load and turn white and eventually crash + Urls will not jump to safari and load them.
-Podcasts app will start playback and the controls freeze as audio and video continue to play. If I go to the home screen and return to the app it will go white and eventually crash.
-Apple Music + Local Music continually disappears from my phone. I continually have to initiate "Make Available Offline"
-Random Playback Pauses and any media that I'm playing with any app. (Podcasts, Music, Spotify)
-Apps that were once reliable for me like VSCO will crash on start.

I've also had instances where music, podcasts and AVPlayer will load and "lose" all my content on the device (music + videos). However when I look at the Usage tab in settings it shows that space is taken up and there are files there. I'll then have to sync it to my itunes library and afterwards the apps can then see the media files again.

Thanks for everyone's input!